Good Weekend

Had a great Saturday out on the pistol range with my wife, Judy. She out-shot me this time. She’s been shooting with me occasionally for a several years, but not very frequently. Lately however, she started showing more of an interest. She signed up for a shooting class later this month taught by a female instructor at the Evergreen Sportsmen’s Club. Her old pistol has sights that are really hard to see, so we got her a new pistol and it has much better sights. Also, I managed to break her old gun. (Argh)  After shooting her new pistol and doing really well, she asked to shoot my gun which is a bit more powerful and she couldn’t believe how easy it was. She used to dislike my XD-45, but she had a lot of fun this time.

Sunday I cleaned out part of our garage and moved our screen-printing press back into the garage, so we can do T-shirts in our garage again. We are part owners in a screen-printing company and normally we use a “Direct To Garment” printer to print the shirts. Recently we got an order for 100 shirts with only white ink, and we soon found that it takes a lot longer to print a single color using a direct to garment printer than it does with a standard screen press arrangement. So we decided to set up our old press again for orders that only use one or two colors. Check us out online at or at Our site currently sucks and will be changing as soon as I can get some development help. I’m also not impressed with the store setup and configuration software. I’ll probably be changing our website hosting service.

We had a really fun and productive weekend. I hope you had a good weekend too.  🙂

– Jon

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