Beating a dead horse

This isn’t a gun blog, but it’s just been a bad day for us on the shooting sports front.

Well, the title is applicable on multiple fronts. First we started the day at the range, testing Judy’s newly repaired pistol. It worked great for a few minutes, until it didn’t. Same problem we took it in for a few weeks ago. The first time it failed was during a firearms training course Judy was taking. One moment the pistol was working fine, the next, she pulled the trigger and nothing. No bang, no click, and the hammer doesn’t even move. The trigger just moves back and forth. Not the sort of gun you would want to depend on in an emergency.

The second point is in the purview of congressional politics. Ugh. I hate congress. It seems that both parties are determined to ruin the country while they keep the citizens pointing fingers at each other. But, I digress… On to the actual point.

It seems that some in congress have decided that since it is so difficult to deprive the citizens of the United State of their firearms with an outright ban, they will raise taxes in a punitive effort to accomplish the same end. The bill before congress at the moment will raise taxes on firearms to 20% and ammunition to 50%. Ouch. Ammunition isn’t cheap now. We won’t be able to shoot much if that passes. It’s not like crooks will stop using bullets because the tax is high. The bill is euphemistically titled “H.R. 3018: Gun Violence Prevention and Safe Communities Act of 2013”. You can be guaranteed that no added safety will result from raising taxes. Congress will squander the money without accomplishing anything of actual value. Here’s the text of the bill if anyone is interested:

Sorry for the near rant. I’m tired, and need to get some sleep. I’ll try to have something less dreary to talk about next time 🙂

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