Automotive Week from Hell…

Monday this week we had to have the catalytic converter replaced in Judy’s car. That problem had developed over a period of time, but it was time to take care of it. Then today the same car ran out of gas while I was trying to get to work early. My fault. I should have checked it before I left. We were actually on our way to Safeway to buy gas, and it ran out just around the corner from salvation. It turns out that Safeway apparently doesn’t sell gas cans at their gas station (!?!) so I ran across the street to the Valero gas station. They had gas cans that cost $15, and leak like a sieve because of the screwed up way they have to design gas cans due to safety laws nowdays. Seriously, the gas cans these days have to have instructions, and they are still worthless. I got to work late, reeking of gasoline and thought my problems were over. But wait! Brynn borrowed the truck to move into to her new place. The truck had a flat tire. No big deal. I went to help out. We used the electric pump. The pump ran great, but the tire didn’t inflate. But wait! I have a can of fix-a-flat. We ran home and got it out of the garage. That didn’t work. The hole is so big fix-a-flat couldn’t seal it. But wait! I have a jack and a spare tire! As a last resort I tried manual labor. But no! There is no handle to turn the crank on the jack! Argh. I gave up and called a tow truck. Tomorrow I’m renewing my AAA membership!

The Written Word

The written word is officially dead. I saw its epitaph today and grew faint. I’m now fully ready for the world ending meteor to smash us all to oblivion. I saw it in the title of a book called Amish Vampires in Space. Really!!?? <Enormous sigh… No, I mean REALLY Enormous>¬†I¬†don’t even know what to say to that. If somebody can market that, I obviously can do it too. I’ll just have to get busy writing. Hopefully I can get a rough draft of something done before the meteor hits… Maybe I’ll call it Catholic¬†Psychic¬†Zombie Serial Killers Under the Earth…


It’s time for another beer party at my house this year. Why do I call it “ThanksO’WeenBerFest”?

It falls between Halloween (my birthday) and Thanksgiving. It’s a little late for Octoberfest, so I couldn’t call it that, but November ends in “ber” too, so I figured the name could still have “berfest” in it, and Novemberfest just sounded too pedestrian. Plus we came up with the name after helping Gene celebrate his birthday, so we were filled with creative spirit.

The date is set for Saturday, November 16th, from 5 to 9pm. Bring your favorite libation if you feel so inclined. If not, don’t worry. There will be lots of beer and wine and good company.