Aristotle was a smart guy…

Here’s my favorite new quote, taken from a book called “The Five Stages of Collapse”:

It was Aristotle who first defined the economy as the exchange of goods and services for money, commerce as a parasite on the economy (where those who create nothing extract a share by trading) and finance a parasite on commerce (which extracts a share by switching money from hand to hand— a parasite on a parasite). A typical US politician, such as the president , who counts financial companies such as Goldman Sachs among his top campaign donors, could be characterized as a parasite on a parasite on a parasite— a worm infesting the gut of a tick that is sucking blood from a vampire bat, if you like.

Orlov, Dmitry (2013-05-10). The Five Stages of Collapse: Survivors’ Toolkit (p. 74). New Society Publishers. Kindle Edition.