An Open letter to Superfocus – The cost of good vision

I bought a pair of Superfocus glasses 6 or 8 months ago, and overall, I love them, but I’m going to have to grit my teeth before buying any more, and believe me I need another pair of glasses already. I’m trying to decide if buying another pair would be worth it.

The pair I bought are the Bauhaus style. 
The flexible lenses in the frame are very delicate and susceptible to being easily scratched. I’ve tried to take good care of them, but mine already have areas that are scratched and distorted enough to be difficult to get a good focus.
While I like the fact that I can replace outer lenses as my prescription changes, I managed to lose one of the lenses already, during a fall I had outside my home. So, I’ve removed the remaining outer lens so I can at least see out of both lenses the same.
Yesterday, I got water on the frame, and shook it gently. Seriously, I was trying to be careful with them, yet one of the stems broke in half. Cheap plastic. I replaced the broken stem with a metal one from another pair of glasses. 
Seriously, in spite of it all, I like these glasses. I love being able to see through the entire lense with the same focal length. I’m trying to make them work, but after only 8 months or so, it’s getting harder and harder. 
Even though I find them to be too delicate, I’m willing to accept that I need to take better care of the lenses, although I’ve had other glasses for years without anywhere near the level of problems I’ve had with these glasses.
If you’re charging $700 for a pair of glasses, couldn’t you at least make the stems out of flexible titanium so they won’t break? I have a pair of $20 reading glasses that have titanium stems. It would go a long way toward making them more durable.
Is there anything that can be done with the frames to replace the flexible lenses, short of replacing the whole frame?
Thanks for your time.
Jon Pitchford

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