Alas, poor SuperFocus. I knew him, Horatio…


I put a lot of money in my Medical Spending account (known as Flexible Spending Account) this year because I knew that I needed to repair or replace my favorite glasses. They are called Superfocus, and you can adjust the focal point of the entire lens by sliding the tiny lever at the top of the bridge. Alas, they are no more. Now that I am fairly certain I won’t need the money for anything else, and finally feel free to spend the cash on glasses, I discover the company went out of business back in March, 2014! To quote Bill the Cat, “Ack!!!” I am sad. No, seriously, I feel like my dog got run over. I feel loss and sadness. It may seem trivial, but I really liked these glasses. I can’t say that about any other pair of glasses I have ever worn. It was really awesome to be able to see clearly at all distances without having to tilt my head and get neck strain, or take my glasses off so I could see the stairs clearly. How stupid. Now I have to figure out what to spend my medical money on before I lose it at the end of the year. There are no other glasses like these. Superfocus, come back!

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