Last night there was another Libertarian Town Hall. Yes, there has been more than one. I get questions about libertarians from curious people who think I may know the answers. What I know is the two parties running things at the moment are corrupt to their very cores. They cannot and will never be changed. It is time for Americans to abandon them. People tell me my vote will be wasted if I vote Libertarian. There is a false assumption in that statement. The assumption is that one of the two dominating parties is better than the other. Nothing could be further from the truth. Both parties are toxic. If I’m given a choice between taking a lethal dose of Cyanide or Arsenic, how could one be better than the other? If the choice I make is to walk away from the poison isn’t that a better choice? If then, the poison is forced down my throat, how can I then be blamed? I choose not to participate in nor be responsible for the destruction of America by either major political party. I have voted both republican and democrat in past elections. I now choose the party that believes that I should be left alone to do what I want if it does not harm others. How can that philosophy be wrong? If you’re still reading this, then I know you are thinking, so here’s a bonus. It’s a link to the previous Libertarian Town Hall:

Think for yourselves. Don’t buy the lies. Do the research and invest the time to make an educated decision.
Choose freedom.

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