Born in Springfield Oregon and raised in Eugene. It took me over 50 years to grow up, but I’m getting close. Briefly lived in Harrisburg, Oregon. Hated it. Went to Howard Elementary, Harrisburg Elementary, Marist High School, Sheldon High School, Lane Community College, University of Oregon. Joined the Navy on April Fool’s day, // 1980-1981: Boot camp in San Diego. BEE school at Great Lakes Naval Base. Naval Nuclear Power School in Orlando FL. // 1981-1982: Guantanamo Bay Naval Base working on small boat repair. // 1983-1985: Assigned to USS Independence,CV-62, Norfolk Naval Base. Married Judy in 1984. // 1985: Attended Electronic Computer Programming Institute. Graduated #1 in my class. First time I gave a crap about my grades since 3rd grade. Sometimes you have to fail a lot before you get the drive it takes to succeed. // 1986: Worked for Intelogic Trace in Arlington VA. Got sick of driving around the Beltway in Virginia/Maryland/DC. Traffic sucks.  Our son Dane was born in Leesburg VA. // 1987: Moved back to Norfolk and worked for Computerland of Norfolk. // 1988-1997: Worked for City of Norfolk, VA. In 1991, I decided I missed the military, but not the Navy. I joined the Virginia National Guard, 1st Battalion, 183rd Regiment, 29th light Infantry Division, out of Petersburg VA, and loved the hell out of it. Definitely the most fun I’ve had in the military or any other job I’ve ever had. Our daughter Brynn was born in 1993. // 1997: Tired of the heat and humidity in Virginia. Ready for a life change, we sold everything and bought a van. Drove across country to Olympia WA. Lived with my mom for a year until Judy and I both got jobs. I worked for Olympia Computer Central doing computer repairs and setup, and Judy worked for Scholastic Books in their warehouse. // 1998: I got a job with Timberland Regional Library. Judy got a job with the Washington State Library.

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